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Abus 65000A/110 BK SH Bordo Smart X

Smart bike security, taken to the next level. The use of innovative technology, combined with maximum flexibility and mechanical security, makes the 6500A SmartX the smartest bicycle lock in its class.

Enjoy the advantages of the innovative, hands-free SmartX cylinder and turn your iOS or Android smartphone into your individual key.

Combined with the 100 dB alarm, this lock offers the highest level of security for high-quality e-bikes and cargo bikes. If you want it less smart but still comfortable, you can also control the BORDO 6500A SmartX with the remote control (RC version) supplied.


5.5 mm bars with extra-soft two-component casing to prevent damage to paintwork

SmartX™ locking system with Bluetooth – high-quality, keyless locking offers user-friendly operation

Alarm function with at least 100 dB for 15 seconds followed by automatic reactivation

3D Position Detection – detects vibrations and the smallest movement in all three dimensions and triggers the alarm

Smart alarm – the lock only emits a small warning beep in the event of minor and brief vibrations, e.g., if a football bounces against the bike

USB-C port

App connection

Location storage of the bike’s last parking location

LED light shows battery- and charging-status

Also available with remote control (RC version)

Incl. bracket (SH)


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