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Abus Bicycle Alarm 440A/170HB230

440A/170HB230 USH ALARM

A compact and loud alarm system combined with proven ABUS security technology make the Alarm 440 more than just a simple lock.



A lock is good; a lock with an alarm system is even better. With 100 decibels, the 440A padlock will send every thief running.

We protect our most valuable possessions with an alarm system. So why not our bike? Our padlock 440 Alarm is equipped with the proven 3D Position Detection System, which registers even the smallest movement. If a thief tampers with your bicycle, the lock sounds the alarm immediately. And at a volume that discourages: 100 decibels are as loud as a circular saw and can therefore be heard from afar. An alarm like that will scare off any bike thief.


Hardened 12 mm round shackle

The shackle, the body and the load-bearing parts of the locking mechanism are manufactured using specially hardened steel

Special, modern design of the lock body casing allows for optimum handling

High-quality locking cylinder for high protection against manipulation, e.g., picking

Alarm at a volume of at least 100 dB for 15 seconds, followed by automatic reactivation

3D Position Detection – detects vibrations and the smallest of movements in all three dimensions and triggers an alarm

CR2 batteries included


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