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ACF-50 Anti Corrosion Formula 0.95 Litres & Flairosol Mist Spray Applicator.

This is the latest and best way to apply ACF-50 without the need for a compressor.
1 * Flairsol 300ml misting spray applicator
1 * 950ml ACF-50.
My tip is to warm the acf liquid by placing bottle in warm water prior to spraying, it’ll help reduce the viscosity slightly.
Imagine a world without corrosion! Just think, no rust, less maintenance, cleaner engines, greater reliability, higher residual machine value. How much easier things would be! Now imagine a highly sophisticated, non-toxic, active, thin film water-displacing compound. A compound with salt blockers and corrosion inhibitors that stays active for up to 12 months.
A lubricant so advanced that it is approved for electrical components (40Kv dielectric yet NO electrical contact resistance). A product that will stop existing corrosion as well as preventing it from starting.
A product that was developed to help jet aircraft stay airborne.
As close to ZERO CORROSION as nature will allow.


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