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CYCLOPS LED Headlight Bulb for the Husky 701Ultra Bulb Version

Newly upgraded for the summer of  2018 using the Robust 10.0 bulb.   New Ultra Bulb Version.
Now available in the original 10.0 38 watt version and the new Ultra running all four emitters on high beam

Exceptional Cyclops LED headlight performance for your Husky 701, this is a full plug and play kit that includes a new rear cap, Cyclops 10.0 LED H4 bulb and a Husky-specific plug and play connector. This kit omits the parking light bulb operation, it is possible to retain this function if desired. Hookup is not provided.

– Easy Install
– New 10.0 LED bulb with all metal bases
– Color Temperature: 5600k
– Power Draw: 38 Watts on Low /38 Watts on High.
– IP68 Rated
– 12 Month Warranty


** Please note that Cyclops LED upgrades are a USA product and fully meet US DOT requriemnts.   Cyclops LED products sold outside he USA have to be sold as ‘Not for Road Use’. 🙂 When you purchase Cyclops LED Product you are accepting this condition.

Happy to answer any questions you may have.


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