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Denali DL650/DL1000 V-Strom ’02- Horn Mount for Denali SoundBomb Air Horn

Denali has put together this complete mounting solution for the Suzuki V-Strom (650 & 1000). It consists of an Slotted Bracket, a U-Bolt and Nylock nuts to mount the Denali SoundBomb to the right upright of the tubular fairing stay You do not need to remove the fairing to access this location. This horn mounting bracket may work with other applications on a round pipe ranging from 17mm to 19mm. **Denali Soundbomb sold seperately** Step 1: Locate the RIGHT front fairing stay near the RIGHT fork. This can be accessed from the top without removing any bodywork. Step 2: Place the U-bolt and the Backing Plate around the fairing stay. Place the Slotted Bracket onto the end of the U-bolt, tighten the Nylock nuts. Do not tighten them completely so that you can make adjustments once the horn is installed. Step 3: Install the horn. Be sure to read the mounting instructions included with the horn. Keep the Stebel or Denali SoundBomb Horn within the 15 degree operating parameters listed in the instructions [included].


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