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EBC Brake Pads GPFAX380HH [Not For Highway Use]

With more stability, faster bed-in and more bite, these longer lasting ultra high friction sintered road race brake pads are the only choice for road racing. This compound is the result of an amazing breakthrough in the EBC Brakes research and development facility in Ohio, USA.

This new compound is even better than the GPFA compound which it replaces. For use only in closed circuit. Use on the street is inadvisable and even dangerous due to the high friction levels these pads deliver. The high friction levels make this pad perfect for track conditions with race tyres or slick tyres on asphalt surfaces, they are not suitable for use on the street with street tyres. Street use is illegal due to the material not having ECE R90 type approval and not being TÜV tested with a German ABE.


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