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EBC Brake Pads SFA708

  1. 124.00 x 42.80 x 8.97mm
  2. 115.30 x 42.80 x 9.15mm


The UK manufactured Premium Organic compound designed to provide optimum stopping power for light Motorcycles and Scooters. TÜV tested and ECE R 90 approved. A superb general replacement pad for urban use on Scooters, Mopeds, and light Motorcycles. The SFA (Scooter pad) range has an exceptionally low Metal content resulting in absolutely Zero brake disc damage over time whilst protecting the environment with Zero Toxic ingredient content, The EBC Brake Pad and Disc range is designed to meet or surpass OEM equipment in performance and lifespan.


Key Features:

TÜV tested and ECE R 90 approved.

Compound designed for Light motorcycles and Scooters.

Eco-Friendly with Zero Toxic Ingredients.

Ideal for Urban use and commuting.


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