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HeliBar BMW R18B Transcontinental Bagger Tour Commander 2022+ HeliBars®

HeliBars® Tour Commander Handlebars for the 2022+ BMW R18B, and R18 Transcontinental Bagger.

***NOTE: These bars will NOT fit any other version of the R18. The standard R18 and R18 classic utilize a different handlebar design.

These bars are designed to optimize both comfort and performance with an emphasis on improved low speed handling. Includes Galfer upper hydraulic lines with bleeder bango bolts to speed up bleeding.
To give the rider improved handling we have:
 Increased width 1″ (25mm) to 33 Inches (measured from the end of the grips) (850mm) for reduced steering effort.
 Reduced rear angle by over 20 degrees for a more natural wrist angle. (Our bars are at a 22 degree angle, stock bars are 45 degrees.)
 0-6″ (0-150mm) adjustment height to fit taller riders and to cover more riding styles. (0″ = Stock Height)
 Also includes a recessed Ram Ball Mount location on either handlebar. (See product photos, must be purchased separately)

Full installation instructions are avail





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