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Hiflo HF124RC Oil Filter

HiFlo has been making filters since 1955

for the OEM motor industry.

The HIFLOFILTRO is the complete new

range of motorcycle filters engineered

to extreme quality standards to provide

ultimate engine protection.




Kawasaki Motorcycle

Z H2 (ZR1000 KLF, KLFA)                                                                                              20

1000 Ninja H2 NFF, NGF (ZX1000)                                                                              15-16

1000 Ninja H2 / H2 Carbon (ZX1000) XHF, XHFA, XJF,XJFA                                    17-18

1000 Ninja H2 / H2 Carbon (ZX1002) JKF, JKFA,JLF,JLFA                                         19-20

1000 Ninja H2 SX AJF, AKF, ALF (ZX1002)                                                                 18-20

1000 Ninja H2 SX SE BJF, BKF, BLF (ZX1002)                                                             18-20

1000 Ninja H2 SX SE+ DKF, DLF (ZX1002)                                                                 19-20

1000 Ninja H2R PFF, PGF, (ZX1000)                                                                            15-16

1000 Ninja H2R YHF, YJF, YKF, YLF (ZX1000)                                                             17-20


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