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Primarily an off-road and adventure brand. But the Klim Kodiak is primarily an on-road outfit. The CE certified version of the Kodiak is an updating that makes it even more appropriate for those who want to commute in a Klim. What makes the Kodiak more suited for the road is that it is way more fitted than the more adventure-focussed Badlands. As with the previous incarnation, it is made from a 3-layer, Gore-Tex Pro Shell fabric. This means that it’s never going to wet out, and when it does get wet it will dry out quickly. For added abrasion resistance, you get perforated, leather panels on the elbows and shoulders. In terms of armour, the Kodiak comes fitted with Level 2 D3O in the shoulders, elbows and back. There is also an integral kidney belt. Pockets are in abundance, as always with Klim. If we had had enough fingers we would have been able to count all 11. Another thing that Klim is fond of is vents, so they have kindly supplied some eight in total.

The major changes for version 2 are designed to make the Kodiak more wearable and more comfortable on long road journeys. To this end the panel make up has changed, but you also get Gore-Tex stretch panels under the arms. A mesh liner also now makes the Kodiak easier against the body and helps moisture wick more effectively. Most Klim garments are what is known as shell garments, meaning that they come with nothing by way of thermal protection. But the Kodiak comes with its own 800 fill, duvet-style destination jacket. You also now get a removable storm collar. Obviously, the Kodiak jacket comes with a zip to connect to the matching pant. There’s lots of other detailing on the jacket but, in truth, the only way to work out whether the new Kodiak is for you is to try one on. Lots more technical detail is no substitute. Now what nobody in Ohio in saying, but which is clear to us, is that Klim is taking a tilt at the Rukka Nivala. And that will be an interesting comparison. Maybe we’ll do a video on that. What is beyond doubt is that the Kodiak just got better. Please note the chest protector is not CE approved, but in just about every respect this is a jacket that can be considered in the same company as the very best from Rukka and Stadler.


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