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Rain Off Over Gloves – New Zealand.

Worried about your gloves not coping with the rain?  I now wear whatever gloves I choose and if I get caught in the rain, out come my Rain-Off’s.  These things are phenomenal, “100% Waterproof” AND warm.  At first they’ll feel a little strange, but I got used to mine very quickly.  It’s so nice to have the “feel” of my favourite gloves, rain, hail or shine.

They pack nice and small (200x90x70mm) and come in a pouch that will easily fit in a top case, under the seat, in a pannier, tank bag, daypack or even in your jacket pocket.

Here’s what the manufacturers say:

  • 100% waterproof. Welded seams make these over gloves 100% waterproof.   They simply can’t leak!
  • Up to 50% warmer – They make excellent windbreakers keeping M/C gloves at higher air temperatures. Great for extra warmth in fine cold weather.
  • Lightweight – Made from strong flexible polyester. Minimal loss of feeling in fingers if any.
  • Last longer – your leather gloves will last longer with no exposure to wet weather.
  • Pack up small – Rolled up, these over gloves come in a pocket sized pouch.
  • More wet weather riding – You’ll do more wet weather riding now the most difficult part of the body to keep comfortable in wet weather riding is warm & dry.
  • Rain-Off’s – made with elastic and toggle buttons to pull the gauntlets tight against the arm keeping the wet from running into your gloves.
  • Gauntlet hand inlets – designed with gauntlets to cover the longest gloves. Therefore keeping cold wind & rain from entering up sleeves.
  • More economical than spending big dollars on so called waterproof gloves.
  • Visor friendly – you can wipe your visor absolutely clear with no scratching or annoying smearing and smudging.

What they didn’t mention is that these gloves are “Proudly Made In New Zealand”.


We sell Rain-Off’s in four sizes, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. They are sized to fit over gloves so if you wear an XL glove, and XL rain off will be fine.



Below is a basic guide only.

  • SMALL – Fit riders under 173cm.  Hand size – 160mm to 180mm.
  • MEDIUM – Fit riders 173cm to 178cm.  Hand size – 180mm to 200mm.
  • LARGE – Fit riders 178 to 183cm.  Hand size – 200mm to 220mm.
  • X L – Huge hands & long fingers. Hand size 220mm or larger.


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