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RAM-HOL-AP8D3L Apple iPad 4 Dock-n-Lock™ Holder

Apple iPad 4 Dock-n-Lock™ Holder
The RAM-HOL-AP8D3L consists of a high strength composite holder, patent pending Uni-Conn™ docking connector and dial combination lock for the 4th generation iPad with factory lightning connector. The Uni-Conn™ design enables the user to secure the lightning connector within the holder so the iPad charges when inserted;no need to insert / remove the charger each time! For security, it features a patent pending dial combination lock. Multiple AMPs hole patterns found on the back of the holder make it compatible and interchangeable with a wide range of popular RAM Mounting products. See related items tab for some example mounts.

This holder is compatible with the following tablets:
Apple iPad 4 (With Lightning Connector) WITHOUT CASE

1. Uni-Conn™ docking connector provides custom connection to the Apple iPad lightning connector
2. Dial combination locking mechanism for theft deterrence*
3. High strength materials
4. Full access to all ports
5. Multiple attachment hole patterns for convenient articulation and viewing angles
6. Lifetime Warranty

High Strength Composite

*We recommend the usage of RAM-KNOB3L to ensure mount is fully secured. This part replaces the factory knob on RAM double socket
arms and is lockable by key.


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