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RAM-HOL-IN11P Intermec CN3 Powered Holder & Dock

Intermec CN3 Powered Holder & Dock
RAM’s patented dock for the Intermec CN3 is ideal for countless applications where the Intermec CN3 needs to be easy to access, but still safe and secure. Spring loaded and form fitting, our design team left nothing to chance when it came to both form and function. Mate this dock to numerous RAM Mounting solutions and never worry about where to put your device again. RAM’s simple yet versatile docks for the Intermec CN3, and patented mounting systems, make any surface a mounting surface.

1. Accepts between 12-28 Volt DC Input
2. Spring tension provides constant secured docking connector contact
3. Works with both standard and long life batteries
4. Kit includes a power cord to adapt to a cigarette lighter in the vehicle
5. Kit includes power cord with bare + and – leads to wire directly to the battery through a fuse block
6. Vehicle dock offers USB connectivity for PC sync
7. Quick release design makes insertion and removal of CN3 quick and easy

1 year warranty on electrical and electronic parts.

High Strength Composite


The holder includes a set of nuts and bolts to connect to any of the RAM compatible components.


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