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RAM-HOL-TABL8 Tab-Lock™ Locking Holder for 10″ Tablets with Heavy Duty Cases

Tab-Lock™ Locking Holder for 10″ Tablets with Heavy Duty Cases
This easy to use locking holder not only looks great and performs flawlessly, but it is compatible with RAM’s full line of mounting solutions. Spring loaded and form fitting, this compact yet durable holder won’t take up a lot of space yet provides lots of security. With the new Tab-Lock™ tablet holder, RAM lets you keep your tablet where it belongs…in your possession.

The RAM Tab-Lock™ universal locking holder is compatible with the following tablets & cases:
10″ Screen Tablets with or without heavy duty cases
10″ Screen Tablets with OtterBox® Defender cases
10″ Screen Tablets with Gumdrop Drop Tech cases
10″ Screen Tablets with Griffin Technology cases
10″ Screen Tablets with Belkin cases
Any tablet or reader that will fit the dimensions listed below

Holder Dimensions:
Maximum Width = 7.0″ to 8.3″
Length Range = 8.5″ to 10.5″
Maximum Depth = 1.12″

1. Support cups contain open slots to accommodate for tablets of varying dimensions
2. Spring loaded for ease of removal and insertion of your tablet
3. Full access to all ports maintaining full functionality
4. Locking mechanism for theft deterrence

High Strength Composite
Included with Purchase:
(1) Spring loaded locking back plate
(2) Support cups for thick tablets

Please Note:
1. The holder includes a set of nuts and bolts to connect to any of the RAM compatible components
2. To ensure your mount is fully secure, it is recommended that the RAM-KNOB3L is purchased;this part attaches to the mount.


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