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RK’s GXW series motorcycle chains are premium quality XW-sealed chains and are available in 520, 525 or 530 pitch. XW-Ring chains offer the best high-speed, extreme heat performance and are designed for a variety of environments from the street to off-road. GXW’s XW-seals feature two lubrications pools which help protect against high-speed abrasion and prevent dirt and debris from penetrating the inner rollers/bushings of the chain. With RK’s triple barrier protection, GXW lasts 10 times longer when compared to standard chains. GXW’s features create a perfect balance between high tensile strength, lightweight and maximizing long wear life so that GXW can handle anything you dish out.


520GXW XW-Ring

Tensile Strength: 8,800 lbs

Max CC Rating: 1,200cc Street, 750cc Off-road

Master Link Included: Rivet type


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