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Rocky Creek Tyre Gauge – Dial type with two chucks.

MotoPressor Tyre Gauge now comes standard with two chucks.  A straight chuck for “easy to get at” valve stems PLUS a 45° chuck for those “not so easy to get at” valve stems.

We all know what a pain Petrol Station gauges are.  Most are woefully inaccurate and impossible to get onto a motorcycle valve stem.  Enter the MotoPressor Tyre Gauge…simply attach the MotoPressor Tyre Gauge to your valve stem, attach the petrol station chuck to the inline fitting on the gauge and get an instant and accurate reading in PSI or KPA.

No need to switch between the gauge and air compressor hose! Added a little too much air to your tyre? Simply press the air bleed button and adjust to your desired pressure.

NOTE:  When swapping out the chuck, use plumbers tape on the hose thread.  Wrap the thread, in a clockwise direction with 3 – 5 wraps of plumbers tape.  Screw on the new chuck and tighten.  Failure to follow these instructions will result in air leak!

Motopressor Tyre Gauge comes with a one year limited product warranty.


• Measures PSI or KPA
• 0-60 PSI/0-4.2 KPA read out
• 50mm (2”) analogue dial
• 300mm (12”) Braided flex hose
• Push button air bleed valve
• Protective rubber gauge guard
• Self-locking  air chuck PLUS A SECOND 45° chuck for those hard to get to, valves
• Can be used inline with a compressor

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