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Rok Strap – Ultimate Tie Down Strap – Large (60″)

Rok Straps. Fantastic adjustable semi stretch fastening for your motorcycle!

ROK’s unique flat shock cord minimizes pressure on your gear, reducing marking or damage. ROK uses a solid core of 100% natural rubber, which offers the best blend of tear resistance and oxidization, and extends the working life of the strap way beyond that of other elastic cores.
ROK’s “double stitching” ensures that the strap and buckles stay together, minimizing the chances of breakage. The tough interlocking buckles are built to last and are gentle on your duffels and paint work.  ROK uses a tight-knit polyester braiding for greatest fiber strength, U.V. resistance and wear resistance, and to further protect internal rubber from deterioration.
At the end of each portion of the strap, there’s a small woven loop. Hook that loop around a peg, a bar, or any hard part of your bike, and then thread the strap back thru the loop. Repeat with the other portion of the strap. Pull the straps over your cargo, snap the buckles together, pull the loose tail, and the elastic strap secures your gear. With this system it only takes about 5 seconds to load or unload your bike. This really is a great solution.


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