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Rubber Precision Tech Pannier Protectors


Preserves & Protects! Adds Grip! Dampens Vibration! Enhances Look!

Designed to protect from Boot Scuffs, Scratches & Scrapes and Preserves the Finish of your expensive OEM panniers!

Provides additional Grip to create a convenient Non-Slip Platform for securing additional Items such as luggage, tents or bags!

Doubles-up as the perfect platform for resting Items at stops when you bike is on the side-stand and at an angle, preventing items such as expensive helmets, phones, cameras or even your lunchtime baguette & coffee from sliding to the ground!

Manufactured from High Quality, Heavy Duty, Abrasion Resistant, 3mm thick Synthetic Rubber, UV Protected & Heat Resistant!

Rubber PrecisionTech products use a UV Protected, Temperature Resistant clear acrylic taped adhesive with an operating range from as low as -45°C (-49°F) (Arctic Temperatures) up to the hottest Desert Temperatures +110°C (230°F)!

We strive to produce the highest quality, precision manufactured products with the maximum effected protection against all weathers & temperatures, high grip, durability & most importantly longevity of life!





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