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Shoei Visor CWR-F2PN High Def Yellow[NOT LEGAL FOR ROAD USE]

The visor of your helmet protects you against what comes up to you whilst motorcycling, like wind, rain, insects, or dust. A careful maintenance prolongs its usage period.

If your visor is dirty, clean it carefully, as explained in the manual of your helmet or visor. If it is scratched or damaged, you should replace it as soon as possible, to avoid dangerous situations or an accident.

The yellow-tinted visor has a contrast-enhancing effect and slightly brightens details in darker or shaded areas. It shows the surroundings distortion-free, with a yellow colour impression. The visor is very suitable for cloudy or rainy weather, but in bright sunlight it can enhance the rider’s glare.

Like all SHOEI visors (except CJ-3 for the J-O and EX-Zero models), it is equipped with mounting pins for a fog-retardant PINLOCK® lens.

Special racing visors in this tint variation are only horizontally shaped, not also vertically, to allow the use of tear-off films when used on the racetrack.

Light transmission: 85% /// UV filter: >99% /// PINLOCK® preparation: Yes /// ECE-R 22.05 conformity: No /// Usage: daytime (in changeable to cloudy weather)


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