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Sidi Crossfire 2 Black SM Soles Boots CE Special

A high level of performance without sacrificing protection, comfort and design.
Crossfire 2 SM is the perfect boot to compete in the Supermotard category.


REPLACEABLE SHIN PLATE – The thermoplastic front shin plate is anatomically shaped and replaceable, an exclusive-patented
Sidi feature.

MICRO ADJUSTABLE AND REPLACEABLE BUCKLE SYSTEM – The Sidi micrometric buckle used on motocross boots, with
indented memory-regulation straps. The buckle, strap and retaining clips are easily replaceable.

The buckle has just one fixing point (by a screw), which allows them to be easily closed making the boot adaptable to the
rider’s position.

REPLACEABLE METATARSUS INSERT – A rigid nylon insert has been added to protect the inside of the boot in case the rider’s
foot slides off the foot peg or if it slips off the kick-starter. The insert is replaceable by unscrewing the 4 screws.

THERMOPLASTIC DEFENDER ON THE TOE AREA – The toe is entirely covered by plastic protection panels with an embossed
geometric design for greater grip.

ANATOMIC HEEL CUP – The anatomically heel cup assures comfort and stability as its particular shaped has been studied and
improved to provide foot’s safety in case of twisting.

ASSEMBLED AND REPLACEABLE BOOT LEG – STITCH-FREE – The boot leg (upper) is entirely assembled with screws, thus it
is stitch-free and totally replaceable.

DUAL FLEX SYSTEM UPPER – The Crossfire 2 maintains the key feature of the Sidi FLEX SYSTEM, with its two articulated joints.
The first lower one, on the ankle, improves leg flexation and allows for a more natural and correct position on the foot pegs. All
bolt on components of the Crossfire 2 are replaceable. The upper pivot, on the bootleg, improves the boots flexibility and the
adjustment of the bootleg itself. In this way, the rider can adjust the boot strap at the calf to his personal preference and achieve
an improved fit.backwards. This technology guarantees the rider’s safety.interlocking system.

ADJUSTABLE CALF SYSTEM – The boot leg has a replaceable inner calf plate, produced in PU and a printed rubber insert, to
protect the leg from exhaust heat, wear and tear. The calf plate features an inner double adjustment, which allows to widen the
circumference of the boot and accommodate even wider calves and shin guards. achieve an improved fit.




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