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Skene IQ-275 LED Dimmer


The IQ-275 Intelligent Lighting Controller from Skene Design allows you to quickly and conveniently set the brightness of your auxiliary lights to match riding conditions. Cyclops LED Lights are often way too bright for oncoming cars, so this dimmer allows a rider to custom dim their LED lights to a desired level.

Skene Design’s innovative lighting controller allows you to program and save several different brightness settings, then with the flick of a switch you can immediately change to the desired brightness. There’s no fumbling with a knob or a wireless remote trying to guess the best level.

When your motorcyle’s high beam is off, the controller will set the auxiliary lights to one of several user-programmed brightness settings, depending upon the position of a brightness switch. When the motorcycle’s high beam is activated, the controller overrides the switch setting in effect. The IQ-275 sends full power if it is set to driving lamp mode or turns the lamps off if it is set to fog lamp mode.

Multiple brightness settings are available with the use of an optional, customer-provided switch. If a two-position toggle switch is used, two brightness settings may be selected in addition to the high beam override. If a three-position center-off toggle switch is used, three brightness settings may be selected. Each of these settings is adjustable from off to full brightness in 10% steps, providing very flexible and convenient control over the lamps’ brightness. On the IQ-275 you can even use a momentary-contact push-button switch to toggle back and forth between two brightness levels. (The turn signal cancel switch on the right handlebar on BMW’s can be used for this purpose.) If no switch is used, the lamps will come on at a single, programmable brightness level when the high beam is off.

The controller has two channels, each of which can power a 72 watt/6 amp load The two channels can be connected in parallel to power a combined load of 144 watts/12 amps. The lamps can be connected through a fuse directly to the vehicle’s battery. No separate relay is required, as the controller performs this function. This simplifies wiring, eliminates extra components, and improves reliability compared to the traditional relay wiring harness.


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