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SP Connect Brake Mount

Use the SP Connect™ BRAKE MOUNT to mount your SP Connect™ Phone Case or Universal Interface to your motorcycle in seconds.


You can easily attach the Brake Mount to your maxi scooter by screwing it onto the lid of the brake fluid reservoir. This is also a great mounting solution for other motorcycles with limited access to the handlebars.


Due to the multiple adjustment possibilities, your mobile phone is securely positioned in your field of vision, allowing you to navigate, access your playlists or use other apps without taking your eyes off the road.



Portrait / Landscape Orientation Option

360° rotation

Angle adjustment:

upright lever – max. 72°

downward lever – max. 60°

Fits brake fluid reservoir – 2 screws / 40,5 ↔ 61,5 mm

Stainless steel hardware


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