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SP Connect Universal Phone Case Black M

With the SP Connect™ UNIVERSAL PHONE CASE, you can use just about any smartphone (max phone size below) on any SP Connect™ mount to secure your phone to bicycles, cars, motorbikes, golf carts, etc. with its patented twist-lock mechanism to install. Simply push the smartphone into the case and roll up the opening and close the tab. This way your phone remains protected from rain, sweat, mud and dust, still offering the same touchscreen usability. The fleece-lined insert and the pre-glued EVA frame allow you to find the perfect position for your smartphone.



Integrated mounting mechanism

Protection against rain, sweat, mud and dust

Touchscreen operability remains possible

Window for camera

Scratch-free fleece insert

Reflective security printing

Size M: max. phone size 153 x 70 mm


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