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Spidi Neck DPS Cartridge 30cc CO2 For use with Neck DPS

Spare cartridge for SPIDI Full DPS Vest.

Safety without compromise is blended in the Safety Lab, the laboratory that made SPIDI a leading brand in motorcycle apparel. Today tens of thousands of users benefit from the dynamic protection of the ACTAIR technology. Developed in conjunction with the first Company to ever file the patent for motorcycles airbag in the 90’s, the ACTAIR Technology has now been a benchmark for safety on two wheels. Sharing a philosophy and working method with the Japanese partners for the trigger and pneumatic parts, Spidi has been able to integrate this device on several models, ensuring a total efficiency.

Never was a system so precise and safe in activation’s, there are external elements that may limit the effectiveness (magnetic fields, batteries, rain, cold, sand). Accuracy and safety are guaranteed by mechanical activation’s (performed in 200 milliseconds) through a keramide cord covered by a sheath, connected to the motorcycle, which activate the cartridge in event of a crash. Also the cold Co2 charge releases the gas that inflates the protective cushion (26 litres of air protection) without outbursts or flares. The mechanical system is made with noble materials and does not need maintenance. Safety has no value unless it comes along with comfort.


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