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Yamaha LED emblem indicator lights (set) 50 mm

Yamaha LED emblem indicator lights with a 50 mm diameter
fit the following models:

MT-07 Tracer
MT-09 Tracer
Super Tenere 1200
X-max 300

Is your model or year of construction not listed, please measure your Yamaha emblem.
Is this 50 mm in diameter then this set fits, otherwise order a set in the right size.

Yamaha LED emblem indicator lights (set) 50 mm.

These LED emblem indicator lights are easy to mount (paste mounting) on the spot where the Yamaha emblems are now.
The set comes with a ‘photo’ manual and all mounting and connecting materials.

When mounted, the original emblems are placed back on the LED indicators lights.

The LED emblem indicator lights can be applied to motorcycles with existing indicators in LED or light bulb.

The connecting cable is equipped with waterproof SuperSeal plugs so after assembly the fairing with LED flashing light can be easy removed.

SuperSeal connector

Meets IP67 standard

These LED flashing lights feature 10 high resolution LEDs and give a good and beautiful light output, watch out for cheap imitation! It does not only look nice, but your lights are also beter visible from the side, which improves road safety.

These LED emblem indicator lights are not approved for use on public roads in some countries and should not be used here! Please check your local legislation.


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