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AIRHAWK® CYCLE SEAT – Bike-eBike-Exercise Bike – SMOOTH

Love cycling but hate saddle soreness? Say hello to AirHawk! We’ve ditched traditional thin foam seats and dialed up the comfort with groundbreaking tech. Now you can ride for miles without a hitch. No more discomfort, just pure pedal joy.


  • Patented Independent Suspension Technology (IST®) ensures a smooth ride, absorbing shocks from the road.
  • Unique Air Cell Technology prevents the cushion from degrading or losing shape over time.
  • Interconnected air cells distribute pressure evenly, conforming to your body for improved blood flow and comfort.
  • Our Air Cell Technology is backed by over 100+ scientific trials and papers, guaranteeing its effectiveness.


  • Bike saddle cover made of genuine leather
  • Compatible with a wide range of bike types
  • Ergonomically sculpted for perfect positioning and weight distribution

Additional Information

Color Black
Weight Large is 2.8 lbs
Medium is 2.6 lbs
Dimensions Large : 10″ wide, 10 1/2″ long
Medium : 8 1/2″ wide, 11 1/2″ long
Patents Patented IST® (Independent Suspension Technology) with Airhawk® Air Cell Technology for the comfort you deserve.

U.S. Patent number 11,173,975 Issued 11/16/2021

U.S. Patent number 11,453,450 Issued 9/27/2022

Warranty 3 year warranty on the seat, and lifetime warranty for the cushions.




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