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BS Batteries BTX4LFA [8]



he SLA batteries are factory activated and offer better performances after repeated charges batteries are ready to install, hook up and go. Their absorbent glass mat (AGM) technology help to build a stronger, vibration-resistant, and spill-proof battery. Every model is purpose-built to provide highly efficient and long-lasting power for whatever it is you ride.


Voltage (V)                                       12

Capacity (Ah/10Hr)                         4.0

Capacity (Ah/20Hr)                         4.2

CCA (A)                                             50

Length (mm)                                    113

Width (mm)                                      70

Height (mm)                                     85


Ready to install

No Acid Handling

Maintenance Free

Extreme Vibration Resistance

Multi-positional Fitment

Increased power & extended life


This product is non-refundable


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