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DENALI MT Series Waterproof Connector Set, Male & Female Connectors With Terminals & Seals

These premium MT Series Waterproof Connectors are used in the DENALI 2.0 lights and harnesses. The kit includes both the male and female connector, crimp-on terminals, as well as waterproofing wire seals. Using an affordable crimping tool, these connectors can be crimped onto wires in seconds to modify, customize, or replace electrical connections.

You can also use these connector sets to make plug and play connections of other brands of accessories to the DENALI CANsmart Controller or 2.0 Premium Wiring Harness.

What’s In The Box:

  • (1) Female Connector
  • (4) Female Terminals
  • (1) Male Connector
  • (4) Male Terminals
  • (8) Wire Seals



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