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LED Lighting Universal Offset/Pivot Mount Kit

Constructed from black anodized billet aluminum for strength and durability, the DENALI LED Lighting Universal Offset Mount Kit provides 3 axis adjustability with a 1.75" (45mm) offset that mounts to any M5, M6 or M8 bolt point on your motorcycle.

Typical mounting points include fairings, triple clamps and fenders, and can be mounted horizontally or vertically. The bracket includes M6 and M5 mounting bolts but will also accept an M8 bolt. This makes the DENALI LED Lighting Offset Mount kit the most universal offset mounting solution we know of!


Increases possible fitment options for enhanced lighting opportunities

Permits lights to be mounted in any M5, M6, & M8 bolt locations capable of supporting auxiliary lights

Compatible with all DENALI auxiliary light kits or pods & most other auxiliary lighting systems

Possible mounting options include supported fairing bolts, fender bolts, triple clamps/fork & handle bars

Great for motorcycles without model specific light mounts or with limited mounting options

Pivoting mounts can be rotated on mounting bolt for optimum light placement

High strength CNC machined aluminum mounting blocks

Attractive & durable hard anodized black finish on mounts

Back zinc & black anodized hardware enhances corrosion resistance

Designed & engineered in the USA

Simple & easy to mount

What's In the Box?

  • (x2) CNC Machined Aluminum Brackets, Black Anodized 
  • (x2) M8x12mm, Black Zinc 
  • (x2) M5x30mm, Black Zinc 
  • (x2) M5x50mm, Black Zinc 
  • (x2) M5x60mm, Black Zinc 
  • (x2) M6x30mm, Black Zinc 
  • (x2) M6x50mm, Black Zinc 
  • (x2) M6x60mm, Black Zinc 
  • (x2) Bushings for fitting M5 bolts, Black Anodized 
  • (x2) Bushings for fitting M6 bolts, Black Anodized 
  • (x2) 14.3mm Mounting Spacers, Black Anodized 
  • (x2) 22.2mm Mounting Spacers, Black Anodized 


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