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Organic Plant Derived Mineral Powder

This is my own personal suppliment of choice.   A plant Derived Mineral Powder, reccomended to me by a 70 plus year old single handed sailer, a produdct developed by Peter Willoughby, a Motorcyclist recovering from horendous crash injuries.  This is the story, it’s a bit of a yawn but stick with it, seems logical to me:

You have to do your own research but for me, it took two months before I started to see benefits but the difference in my general health and well being has been a significant improvement.  There are many fantastic reports on this product out there, please do your own reasearch, I’m not a medic or pharmacist, I think it’s bloody marvelous.

Simply Naturals.
Simply Powdered Minerals dried mineral solids naturally extracted from our exclusive mines. [sg_popup id=”595656″ event=”inherit”][/sg_popup]Contains our full spectrum of plant-derived minerals.

✅  100% Natural Mineral Powder!
✅ Formulated 70 Million years ago and Extracted from our Exclusive Mines
✅ Easy use Scoop
✅ Essential for Vitamins to Function
✅ No carbs, No Fats and No Harmful Additives
✅ Vegan
✅ Gluten Free
✅ GMO-Free
✅ Lactose-Free

To options to order, you can simply order here and we’ll ship direct to you or you can order via this link direct with Simply Naturals where you can set up a monthly purchase :
** if you order via the link, I make a small percentage from each sale **





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