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RAIN-OFF 100% waterproof Over gloves – Made in Australia

Superior quality Over Gloves to keep hands warm and dry while wearing lighter gloves all year round. Better feel and control.

Remember that cosy feeling of sitting behind a window near a heater with the rain pouring down outside? I reckon Rain-Off overgloves give me a similar sensation. Cosy and dry while mother nature does her worst.
  • Waterproof.
  • Warmer hands.
  • Welded seams.
  • Preserve your gloves.
  • Elastic forearm closure.
  • Two styles – One and Two Finger, packed in pairs of course.
  • IMPORTANT. Please measure your hand with reference to the hand image for an accurate size. Below is a basic guide only.

I was so impressed we took over RainOff when the last owners wanted to retire.

Compact, easy to store, just perfect when the rains pours or the cold bites.   Also great when you gave that favorite pair of gloves that are not as waterproof as they once were, just pull our your Rain-Off and get that windproof and waterproof benefit.

Sizing has bugger all to do with how thick yer gloves are.

It’s about finger length. Measure from the tip of the longest finger to the crease where the wrist and forearm join. See photo above.

X Small (One finger only) — Fit small to average women riders.
Hand size — 140mm to 160mm. (5 1/2 inches to 6 1/4 inches).

Small — Fit riders under 5’8″.
Hand size — 160mm to 180mm. (6 1/4 inches to 7 inches).

Medium — Fit riders 5’8″ to 5’10”.
Hand size — 180mm to 200mm. (7 inches to 8 inches).

Large — Fit riders 5’10” to 6′.
Hand size — 200mm to 220mm. (8 inches to 8 3/4 inches).

X Large — Some riders have huge hands & long fingers.
Hand size 220mm or larger. (8 3/4 inches or larger).

We all know that waterproof is a pretty rubber (forgive the pun) concept in motorcycle products. I think it often has a lot to do with how the products are used. In our testing this was the case with Rain-Off overgloves.

In truth I had mine fill up from the water running down my arm while negotiating 30km of forestry track on the road to the TTT rally, stood on the ‘pegs in teeming rain. If I had been able to slip them inside the arm of my jacket as the instructions said, I am confident that they would have been 100% waterproof. They did have about 200ml of water in each glove when I finally found a place to take them off. They weren’t going to leak. They weren’t going to leak. Lesson learnt – jacket sleeve should fit over the Rain Off to prevent trickle down.

I have used them for 10 years now and they really do keep my hands dry and warmer. I found no real effects on my ability to operate the bike’s controls, I got used to them very quickly, they made heated grips work better too. I am constantly amazed that my hands are warmer with my daily gloves and Rain-Offs than with heavy winter gloves… and I have more ‘feel’.


100% waterproof. Welded seams make these overgloves 100% waterproof. They simply can’t leak when you wear them inside your jacket sleeve!

Heaps warmer— They make excellent windbreakers keeping M/C gloves at higher air temperatures. Great for extra warmth in fine cold weather.

Light weight — Made from strong flexible polyester. Minimal loss of feeling in fingers if any.

Favourite gloves — You can still wear your favourite gloves in wet weather, but be completely warm & dry with Rain-off overgloves.

Last longer — your leather gloves will last longer with no exposure to wet weather.

More wet weather riding — You’ll do more wet weather riding too, now the most difficult part of the body to keep comfortable in wet weather riding is warm & dry.

A Great Fit — Made with elastic and toggle buttons to pull the gauntlets tight against the arm keeping the wet from running into your gloves.

Elasticated gauntlet length cuff— designed with gauntlets to cover the longest gloves. Therefore keeping cold wind & rain from entering up sleeves.

More economical — than spending $$$’s on expensive (possibly) waterproof gloves.

Visor friendly — You can wipe your visor clear with no scratching or annoying smearing and smudging.


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