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Andy Strapz, Australian Made Adventure Saddle Bag Panniers

We think we make the best Dual Sport Adventure soft saddle bags in the world, we certainly try to.

The name Avduro nods its lid to the mix of Enduro and Adventure.


Please note: Ignore the Avduro ll reference. There’s no such thing, it’s a long boring story.

Since their inception in 2003 Andy Strapz panniers have evolved in line with the demands of modern Adventure riders.

Made in Australia from our tried and crashed, 17oz Aussie, Dynaproofed canvas, they are packed (pun intended, sorry) with new approaches to the existing features.

The basics of the pannier bags remain unchanged from those Andy made for himself all that time ago. If it ain’t broke……

Although the basics stood the test of time and Aussie riders, that doesn’t mean the nice little extras can’t be tweaked and improved.

The side pockets are bigger with the rear closed via roll top. Front is now larger with the same mesh style of old but uses a special shock cord loop to prevent water bottles bouncing out under the most severe conditions.

Crashability, one of the key design briefs set by Andy (he’s good at it!), has also been improved by changing the side buckles to a low profile ‘Ladder Loc’ buckle. The Ladder Loc is also easier to undo when wet and dirty too.

Saddle Bags for where Adventure and Enduro cross tracks.
  • Avduro saddle bags are deliberately zipper-free to increase ease of use and longevity.
  • The same size and shape as Expedition Pannierz just extra restraint strapping points and pockets.
  • Side (behind the pockets) crash resistant, ‘ladder-loc restraint straps for a more stable bag in adverse conditions.
  • Designed to be extremely robust with maximum weatherproofing. Can be made waterproof with optional pannier-specific Liner Bagz or your own.
  • We believe that liners should not be permanently attached/fitted into panniers so that the contents can removed without dragging the bags off the bike all the time. This makes life on the road so much more pleasant.
  • 4 pocket, two per bag on front and rear panels. Reflective strip on each pocket.
  • Perfect for hard-box frames or our locally made, model-specific frames.
  • NOTE – When using our Pannier systems on frames (almost all hard case frames) other than ours, you will most likely need our Extensions to get the bags a bit further apart.


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