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ANDY STRAPZ (AUSTRALIA) Smart Strapz (pair/full set)

Universal soft rack system luggage strap system.

Strong, versatile, quick and secure straps

Smart Strapz are the most adaptable straps we make, the “Rolls Royce” of our strapz range – A true soft rack system.

Like all things, ‘if it aint broke don’t fix it’ doesn’t mean we can’t continually work on our designs and upgrade them as we test.

Smart Strapz now employ high strength, acetyl nylon, self locking ‘Ladder Loc’ buckles for a safer and stronger strap system.

  • No need for ugly ‘scaffolding’ to be bolted to the back of the bike.
  • Strong, quick, easy to use, amazingly versatile.
  • Open and close on top of the load.
  • Leather pads to help protect body panels.
  • Fits nearly all bikes.
  • A combination of stretch webbing, heavy duty Hook and Loop tapes and a double D ring system similar to helmet chin straps. A direct comparison can be drawn between the way surfers carry their boards on the roof of their car with soft racks. These are the motorcycle equivalent.
  • Cross the straps over the top of your gear, then attach to the pillion pegs at the front and the pillion grab rail at the back.
  • Utilize foot peg brackets, frame rails, grab rails, sub frame, occy lugs and more. Wherever a 25 x 3 mm gap exists on the bike it can be used to mount Smart Strapz.
  • They can be re-adjusted and tensioned quickly and efficiently. Cheap really when you price racks.
  • Top of our range. Total useable length 1450mm.
  • Add a Loop for extra versatility

What’s in the pack?

One full set, a pair of Smart Strapz.


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