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ANDY STRAPZ (AUSTRALIA) Bucket Bagz Fortress Oilskin and 16oz canvas

ANDY STRAPZ (AUSTRALIA) Bucket Bagz Fortress Oilskin and 16oz canvas.

Heavy duty canvas courier style shoulder bag

Austalian Made quality

This my favourite of the bags we make.

We wanted a shoulder bag that was almost bomb proof, one that would carry a laptop and all the other goodies that we need in our modern life. It had to be functional handsome too, a bag that would last a lifetime.
  • A courier style, shoulder bag with covering flap.
  • Constructed from 17 oz reinforced canvas.australian-mae-logo.gif
  • Stylish and robust.
  • Fits a laptop (420mm at the top opening and 300mm at the base).
  • Internal security pockets and key clip.
  • Angled shoulder strap for comfort.
  • Adjust it so that the weight of it is just felt by the rider.
  • Use it every day not just on the bike.
  • A broad flap covers the main compartment and keeps a remarkable amount of rain out.
  • A rugged 2 inch side release clip allows you to hang a helmet on the shoulder strap, slip it through the back of a chair or take it off without slipping it over the head.
  • A good shoulder bag allows you to get off the bike and just walk away, no unstrapping gear or looking for a place to stash valuables. Helps isolate delicate electronic equipment from vibration.

Adjust our bags so that they sit on the pillion seat with the majority of the weight taken by the seat. There should be just enough to ‘feel’ the bag and not have it weighing heavily on the shoulder. The Bucket Bag will then stay put.


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